October 14 to 28, 2017

Glass Mountain

Mirka Morales

two channel video installation | 11:00 | USA | 2017

In this contrast of natural and artificial portals, Morales considers the question “Are we food for the moon?” How much control do we, as individuals or as a collective, have over the mechanical forces of nature? Can we program ourselves to be free from lunacy?

The natural portal shows the otherworldly landscape of Glass Mountain, a pile of sharp black obsidian rocks, and the volcanic Lava Beds National Monument in Northern California, site of the Modoc War. A man opens a Pandora’s box which leads to dreams with buggy underworlds of taxidermied insects including the mighty dung beetle. Shot on Super 16mm film, with digital SLR stop-motion animation and found footage. Additional sounds provided by Kwisp.

Mirka Morales is a San Francisco-based artist originally from Puerto Rico. Her work is driven by a fiercely anti-colonial spirit, although it could also be described as personal and only indirectly political. Working in 16mm film and digital formats, she uses a variety of cinematic techniques including animation and live action to explore lucid dreams through reality and humour from an intimate, poetic, DIY perspective. Morales received an AB in Visual and Environmental Studies from Harvard and an MFA from CalArts. Her work has been screened and exhibited at Anthology Film Archives, Deluge Contemporary Art, Sundance Film Forward at the Museo de Puerto Rico, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, the Chicago, Boston, Oakland and Portugal Underground Film Festivals and at Burning Man.

Meet Morales for an introduction to Glass Mountain and other works at 3pm Saturday, October 14. Refreshments served.